Seaman Middle School

Respect, Effort, Responsibility


    Girls Tennis  


    Part of the team will be traveling to Washburn Rural on Wednesday, September 28th beginning at 1:00 (roster below) for our Varsity Tournament. Players will be released for 1st lunch and must be in the commons ready to go by 12:00. Players need to wear their team shirt, athletic shorts/pants (with pockets would be best to hold the tennis balls) and sneakers.  Also, be sure to bring water and snacks with you, we will not be stopping for food on the way home.  I anticipate that we will be back to the middle school around 4:30.  Players can ride home from the meet with their parents, however no other family members or friends can bring players home from the meet.  Players will be allowed to return to their lockers for school work and computers when we are back at the middle school, PLEASE DO NOT BRING COMPUTERS TO THE MEET!

    1Singles: Rhen Calhoon

    2Singles: Elise Schreiner

    1Doubles: Alyson Shehi & Grace Unruh

    2Doubles: Sarah Latendresse & Riley Cowan

    3Doubles: Lauren Beavers & Sam Shea

    Remind will be used to notify parents and players when practice is being cancelled due to weather.  Please follow the directions below to sign up for notifications if you are not already a member from last season.