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  • A-D Programs

    AP College Placement

    Seaman High School offers the following Advanced Placement courses: AP History, AP Government, AP English, and AP Calculus. Examinations for all AP classes are given in May and are very demanding. Tests include a multiple-choice section, which is scored by the Educational Testing Service, and a free response section that requires essay writing and problem solving. Selected college professors and high school teachers score this last section. Each examination receives an overall grade based on a 5-point scale:

    5 - extremely well qualified

    4 - well qualified

    3 - qualified

    2 - possibly qualified

    1 - no recommendation

    In July, the grades are sent to the students, their designated colleges, and their schools. Most colleges accept grades of 3 or better and give the student college credit. Each college, however, decides what AP exam grades to accept. The cost of AP exams is probably the least expensive college credit a student can receive. Students who plan to enter college should begin early to take advantage of the AP courses. To do this, appropriate background courses are necessary. See your counselor for more details.

    After School Academic Program (ASAP)

    The Seaman Freshman Center offers a weekly team-based ASAP to students who need extra time or help on completing assignments. With a team representative at each session, students can work with their teachers to receive any additional instruction or assistance on coursework. Teams determine their own ASAP schedule, but typically the program is offered 2 mornings and 2 afternoons each week. For an ASAP sessions that occur on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, a bus is provided to help transport students home.

    College and Career Advocates

    The College and Career Advocates program assists students in making those all important decisions about preparing for a future beyond high school.The advocates will ask students to share career aspirations and together discuss high school course selections that will support their decision. Advocates will also share test data, such as ACT, PLAN and EXPLORE scores, which determine course preparedness, WorkKeys tests which measure occupation readiness, and ENGAGE scores which measure personal and behavioral attributes. Advocates will also utilize the Kansas Career Pipeline, an online tool that helps students measure their careet interests, skills and work values, explore occupations, prepare resumes, and establish educational strategies.

    Directed Studies (Edgenuity)

    The Directed Studies program at Seaman High is designed to help students recover credits previously missed or (in the case of transfer students) earn credits that were not required at a previous school, but are required at Seaman High. Generally, enrollment in the program replaces an elective credit. The curriculum for the Directed Studies program is delivered through Edgenuity, an on-line program. It is an all-encompassing curriculum designed to meet the requirements of the particular course in which students are enrolled. In some cases, students may earn more than one credit during a single semester by demonstrating mastery of material at an accelerated pace. If a student fails their Directed Studies course, he/she may not re-enroll in the program the next semester.

    Dual Credit Classes

    Seaman High School continues to work with Washburn University and Allen Community College to offer dual credit courses for qualified students. The following courses are offered for dual credit*:

    AP History

    College Speech

    AP English

    Freshman Composition

    College Biology Lecture & Lab

    College Algebra

    College Statistics


    French German

    * (The list of offered classes is subject to change.)

    When taking a class for college credit, students wanting to attend a Regents school must
    have an overall GPA in college credit classes of 2.0 or higher, which is a C or above.