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  • E-J Programs

    Exploring Teaching I & Exploring Teaching II 

    Exploring Teaching I provides students with an introduction to teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Students will plan a wide variety of learning activities and assessments for the subject of their interest and their desired classroom age level. They will be given the opportunity to present their lessons to their fellow students in the Exploring Teaching class and then to actual classes in the elementary and middle high school. Classroom visits will be arranged for the high school students to observe their desired age group of students and the professional teachers in action.

    Exploring Teaching II provides extensive “hands-on” teaching experience at the Pre-K (Early Childhood), K-3 Elementary, 3-6 Elementary, Jr. High and High School levels. Students will have the opportunity to plan numerous lessons and learning activities for their “teaching experiences” under the guidance of the Exploring Teaching instructor and then practice teaching these lessons during actual classroom time at one of the schools in the Seaman district. Teaching will be observed and evaluated by the high school Exploring Teaching instructor.

    Freshman Needs Assessment 

    The Freshman Needs Assessment is given to all students to target social-emotional and academic areas of concern. It's a simple way for the freshman counselor to get to know the new group of students and to get a sense of what their major needs/concerns are. It also gives the students a simple way to reach out to the freshman counselor at the beginning of the school year. After the students complete the needs assessment, the freshman counselor reviews the data and shares overall statistics with staff. She immediately calls in the students with what would be considered "major concerns". She then reaches out to the students who requested to visit with her. As the year progress, she gets the other students called in and will periodically reference their assessment in their conversations. 

    Freshman Transition Program

    The Seaman Freshman Center serves as a transition program for students as they move from the middle to high school level. The SFC supports students by placing them on teacher teams as the students make the adjustment to the high school level. Teams of teachers regularly meet throughout the week to discuss students and develop student plans for improvement when needed.

    Habitat House

    Students who have completed the appropriate course work are allowed to enroll and help build the Habitat House.

    Internship Program

    The College & Career Ready Internship program is designed for the graduating senior. Preparing students for the work environment is a critical component of his/her educational experience. The course is designed to afford students the opportunity to be matched with a career/business mentor in an active engagement of hands-on application of 21st Century employability skills. Students spend their Viking Days on campus working on employability skills and prep work for post-secondary education. Block days are spent with their career mentor. Students must apply to the program. Requirements include: 95% attendance, minimal discipline points, recommendation from two teachers, and graduation requirements are met.