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  • K-P Programs

    Kansas Communities that Care Survey

    The Kansas Communities That Care Student Survey allows schools to track teen use of harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, in addition to teen perceptions about school and community involvement, bullying, gambling, and guns. It also surveys students on social behavior at school, home and in the community. The survey is given annually to sophomores and seniors. Results are shared with staff each year.

    Lyman Learning Center

    Lyman Learning Center houses VIKING VOYAGER and VIKING QUEST alternative schools which serves middle school and high school students whose needs can not be met in a regular education setting. Please click on the link above to visit their website for more information.

    Math Lab

    Math Lab is a free math tutoring service for SHS students. Certified math teachers are available at 7:00 am every school day and for an hour after school Monday through Thursday. Students utilize Math Lab to complete homework, study for exams, practice for retakes, or just obtain instruction for a topic.

    Professional Learning Communities

    All of our staff participate in Professional Learning Communities with other staff members in a similar content area. Staff use their PLC time to collaborate and reflect on lessons, anaylze student data, meet with administration or the instructional coach, and a variety of other activities. Core content PLCs share a common plan that allows them to meet twice a week in these collaborative groups.