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    Seaman Bank

    The Seaman School Bank is a student run bank that allows students to learn about business and banking while running a fully functional bank for the Seaman school community for over 80 years.

    Seminar Reading Program

    Beginning in the 2011 school year, the 10-12 English department identified struggling readers based on their MAP scores and created a reading group with these students. The lead teachers selected a high-interest novel to read and for the first 30 minutes of seminar with this student group. Books read include The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Fault In Our Stars.

    Seaman High Academic Recognition Program (SHARP)

    The purpose of the Seaman High Academic Recognition Program is to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students and to motivate all students to strive for academic excellence. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that encourages all students to reach their potential. Students earn a SHARP star card based upon grades from the previous semester. Each of the 4 star levels has special rewards ranging from free admission to an athletic event to special Seminar Movies and Fun Days. Visit the SHARP webpage for more information.

    Student Athletics

    Click on the link above to view a list and the accompanying webages of all of our student athletic programs.

    Student Clubs

    Seaman High School is proud to boast a variety of clubs and activities. Click on the link above to view a list of clubs and their descriptions.

    Success 101

    Success 101 is designed to help students foster academic success in their high school careers, and to aid in reaching life goals set by the individual student. Students will be introduced to strategies for identifying possible career interests, researching those interests, and end the semester with a digital and paper career resource portfolio. The student’s working portfolio will travel with him/her throughout their high school career. Allowing them to build upon the foundation they have created.