• The Seaman School District has seven speech-language pathologists (SLP's) that serve students preschool through high school. Our speech department strives to provide the best treatment possible for all students with communication delays and disorders in our district. Through on-going professional development, we continue to learn about and implement the best evidenced-based therapy practices available. We are committed to addressing the needs of individual students, and providing quality interventions for students with a variety of communication needs, including but not limited to: articulation, phonological processing delays, fluency, and language delays and disorders. 

    Each school building in the Seaman School District is staffed with a speech-language pathologist. Some speech-pathologists travel between more than one building. To determine who the speech-language pathologist is for your child's school, please see below or reference the staff list on your school's webpage. 

    If you believe your child has delays or disorders which may require the intervention of a speech-language patholoigst, contact your child's teacher or the speech-language pathologist assigned to your child's school buidling. They will help to answer any questions and start the process of a screening, if warranted. If your child is preschool-aged and you believe they may require a screening, you may contact the Special Services secretary at Seaman Education Center (575-8670) to sign them up for a screeening. 

    SLP Building Assignments

    Mary Foxhoven
    North Fairview
    Mary Heald
    Logan (minus multi-level)
    Kaitlin McCullough
    West Indianola
    Mark Gridley
    Middle/High School (including PHLC)/Multi-Level at LO
    Erica Blackman
    Northern Hills