• For the past 12 years Seaman USD 345 has had a variety of technology plans, specifically including the Technology Plan required by the Kansas State Department of Education for e‐rate funding and others as commissioned by the Board of Education or Superintendent (i.e. Technology Integration Plan – September, 2011). The results of these plans and the supportive actions of the Seaman Board of Education have moved the district forward in the area of technology and technology integration. Specifically, the district technology accomplishments over the past 12 years have been noted in the following milestones:

    A 1:2 ratio of student to digital devices due to the Board’s decision in 2012 to purchase Macbook laptops and iPads along with mobile carts.

    Summer 2015
    Infrastructure upgraded in buildings

    2015-16 School Year
    Book study formed to read and discuss  Power Up: Making the Shift to 1:1 Teaching and Learning

    2015-16 School Year
    A district‐wide refresh of all Macbook laptops was completed for all certified staff and desktop computers for all clerical staff in 2015.

    2015-16 School Year
    Teaching staff to integrate learning in a 1:1 environment within the classroom using Kansas College and Career Ready Standards as a guideline for curriculum development.

    2015-16 School Year
    iCoaches trained to shift the climate of learning from teacher-led instruction to student-led learning

    2015-16 School Year
    Encourage a more visible display of technology competencies at all levels, so that administrative and teaching staff strengths and weaknesses can be seen at a glance and used for professional development planning

    2015-16 School Year
    Develop and promote “learning cadre” building teams, which specialize in various digital tools and programs, which can provide building and/or district professional learning on a regular basis to help support Instructional Coaches.

    2015-16 School Year 
    Technology competencies for teachers and administrators have been established and are monitored as part of the supervision and evaluation process.

    2015-16 School Year
    additional iCoach at the secondary level added to carry out the integration of technology in teaching and learning

    2015-16 School Year
    Visit/Observe other school districts who have implemented 1:1 tech initiatives and/or blended learning models

    December 2015
    Board approved the purchase of a new learning management system designed to integrate learning in a 1:1 enviroenment within the classroom using Kansas College and Career Ready Standards as a guideling for curriculum development

    March 2016
    Board approved technology purchase plan 

    May 2016
    Additional technology department employee hired at SMS to monitor and support digital learning components and networking

    May 2016
    Board approved loan agreement

    May 2016
    Board approved technology fees

    May 2016
    First group of teachers graduate from the first Apple Academy held at USD 345

    May 2016
    Parent letter and parent's guide sent home to students entering 7-12 grades letting them know what to expect over the next few months as we prepare for the 1:1 initiative 


    Why 1:1?

    • closing the digital divide

    • more instruction time

    • personalized learning

    • more collaboration

    • 24/7 access to school material

    • student customized tools

    • updated resources

    • classroom flexibility

    • increased parent engagement



    • Carrying case & laptop ID

    • 11” MacBook Air with charger



    • 1:2 Digital Technology-iPads/MacBooks

    • Blended Classrooms-where students learn, in part, through delivery of digital content at an individual pace.