Seaman USD 345

2020 Vision - Learning Without Limits


The Seaman USD 345 Wellness Council is bringing back the Classic 4X4 Fitness Program.  Staff members and their spouses will be recognized for incorporating fitness into their daily schedule. The 2016-17 program starts November 1st and runs through May 1st.  
Seaman 4x4 = 120 minutes of activity per week, 4 weeks in a row, 4 different times 

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Print off the calendar to start tracking your activity/time progress. You can also pick one up from your building PE teacher, Theresa Dunham at SEC or Dorothy Hammer in Transportation.

2. Mark your activity and time for the day on your calendar for a total of 120 minutes per week. You must complete 120 minutes of activity per week, for 4 weeks in a row, 4 different times, between now and May 1. Here are some good examples to get you active. 

Aerobics (A), Team Sports (TS), Bicycling (B), Swimming (S), Individual Sports(IS), Walking (W), Jazzercise (JZ), Weights (WTS), Jogging (J), Yoga (Y), Martial Arts (MA), Zumba (Z)

       example week   

3. At the end of your 4 weeks in a row, 4 different times, have your PE teacher, Theresa Dunham, or Dorothy Hammer validate your calendar and they will turn your calendar in for your shirt order!

5. The 4x4 can be completed and turned in by March 1 or May 1. (We will be placing a shirt order at each of these dates).