• Seaman USD#345 School Board Meal Account Policy Effective July 1, 2017

    Parents/Guardians are expected to maintain a positive balance in their student’s meal account as per Seaman Board Policy effective July 1, 2017

    Meal Accounts are Debit Accounts, not Credit.


    If an individual student meal account becomes negative, the Food Service Department will follow the specific actions as directed by board policy:

    -.01 to -$24.99

    • K-12 Weekly email notification of negative balance

    • K-6 Weekly written notice sent home with the student

    • 7-12 Students are reminded verbally in lines their account is negative



    • Notice will be mailed requesting payment within 5 business days

    • Parent or Guardian is asked to pay, fill out an application for free or reduced price meals, or set up a payment plan with communication to food service office


    -$25+ AND 1 notice mailed and no payment/communication

    • 2nd Written notice mailed from Food Service requesting payment within 5 business days


    -$25+ AND 2 notices mailed and no payment/communication

    • Food Service contacts the school principal for communication assistance with parent

    • The School Principal informs parent that payment is needed immediately and without payment within 5 business days, the parent or guardian will be required to provide meals from home and principal determines if there is a “child in need of care” issue


    -$150+ after 2 written notices and a phone call from a school principal

    • Information provided to the Business Department to begin collection procedures as set by board



    If the parent or guardian does not send payment for the account(s), fill out a qualifying free or reduced price meal application for their family, set up a payment plan with the Food Service Department approved by the Food Service Director, or provide a meal for their child from home, Social Services may be contacted by the school.