SMS Family Camp Night

SMS Family Camp Night
Posted on 08/04/2020
Hello Seaman Middle School families! As we begin planning our school year, our staff has been reviewing our traditions and how we can continue those. Our annual Family Camp Night, has been a time where students and families have “walked” student schedules, worked on locker combinations, and interacted with SMS staff. We believe this family event is critical for all incoming 7th grade students as well as new SMS students.

We are making some adjustments to this event to ensure student and family safety is our main priority. As we begin to operationalize the Kansas Governor's Executive Order 20-59, we will be making some changes to our event. During this event we will need to take all temperatures of students and families entering the building. With this in mind we would like to lower the number of community members in our building, for both safety and sanitation purposes. We are asking all students to be accompanied with one family member. We know this is not a traditional experience, but feel this is necessary to ensure the success of the event. Another consideration that will need to be addressed is masks being required upon entering the building.

We are also changing the format to an open house, where students and families can “walk” the student schedule. At the start of the school year we will not have students using their lockers; therefore, students will not need to practice their locker combinations during this event. When we return to “traditional” schooling, we will have our students practice their locker combinations during the school day.

Students will also have the opportunity to pick up their laptops for the coming school year. Please ensure you have completed your PowerSchool online enrollment, paid tech fees, and completed the Schoology digital citizenship assignment before your assigned night, as this is required before we will disperse the laptop to students. We want to ensure our students are safe and secure in their online activities. The Schoology digital citizenship assignment can be found in the student’s Schoology page. A station will be set up in the library for students who have not completed this assignment prior to the SMS Family Camp night.

The event details are as follows:
Time(s): 4:30PM-6:00PM
Date: 8/18/2020 Seadogs (this time can include new 8th grade students)
Date: 8/19/2020 Viperfish (this time can include new 8th grade students)
Date: 8/20/2020 Wobbegongs (this time can include new 8th grade students)
Participants: 1 student with 1 family member

We are excited to offer this time for students to enter the building and get a chance to experience our amazing middle school!

See you soon,

Joshua Snyder