Seaman High School will offer summer school through Edgenuity – our online curriculum program. Classes are for current 9th – 12th grade students who are missing a credit needed for graduation.

    Students can recover up to 1 credit (2 semester-long courses) total in any of the follow core subjects: Language Arts, Math, History, Government or Science. Students must complete one course before attempting a second course.  In order to attempt a second credit, students must be completely finished with their first credit by the half-way point during summer school.

    The fee for each course (1/2 credit) is $125.00. 

    The fee for a COMPLETION COURSE is $75.  (WITH TEACHER PERMISSION ONLY, completion credit can be earned for a course that was failed.)

    All checks need to be made to Seaman High Bank.


    • The mandatory orientation/kick start class typically held  IN THE AUDITORIUM

    • Students must attend at least ONE 2-hour on-site work session PER WEEK until their course is completed.

    • Students are encouraged to attend on-site work sessions as much as they can or are able until the course is completed.

     On all days except the first day, summer school will be held in room C3 of SHS (you can enter through south main entrance doors).  

    This site will be updated with the dates on-site attendance is available once the start and end dates for summer school have been determined.

    Enrollment forms will be available on this site once the beginning and end dates are determined.