Current Seaman School Board Members

  • When should I contact a board member?

    It is important for all patrons to follow the established chain of command and try to resolve all conflicts at the earliest possible level of management. If you have a complaint of concern:

    1. Communicate first with the teacher/coach who is involved with the situation.
    2. If a resolution is not reached at level 1, contact the building principal. If you are still needing help after visiting with the principal, contact the Director of Secondary or Elementary Education. 
    3. If a resolution has still not been reached, contact the Superintendent. 
    4. The final step in the chain is the Board of Education.

    The Board of Education is the district's governing body. The Board's responsibility is to set policy and hire a superintendent to manage the district according to these policies. Please do not skip levels, as each level will send you back to the appropriate level. We thank you for your cooperation in resolving any and all conflicts.

    *Dates indicate the year originally elected to the board and the year the current term expires.

Board Member Fred Patton
Board Member Christie Appelhanz
Karl McNorton
Board Member Frank Henderson
Cherie Sage
Board Member James Adams
Board Member Keith Griffin
    Position A - WEST
    Position B - CENTER
    Position C - EAST

     BOE Boundary Map