• Seaman Middle School Honor Society

    Sponsors - Mrs. Donna Brooks and Mrs. Jill Becker

    Email dbrooks@usd345.com,  jbecker@usd345.com

      (Members and parents please see our Schoology page for junior honor society communication.  Schoology is where we communicte information and events with members of junior honor society.  This here page is more of generic page for the general public.)

     There is a summary of our meetings on our JHS schoology page.  We will use our schoology page as our form of communication with our members & parents.  This page is a public page with just general information. Please keep upbreast with our communication from schoology for junior honor society members.

    SJHS Members need to complete at least 10 hours of volunteer service by April 10th. Documented forms need to be turned in by April 10th, 2019, to complete their SJHS member requirements.

    SJHS-Selection process

    1)At the end of first semester we run a report to see what 7th grade students qualify for Honor society by their GPA.  It has to be a 3.5 or above.

    2)Students who meet the GPA of 3.5 or above have their discipline points checked.  They are not allowed any discipline points and only 2 tardy points.

    3)Students' names who have qualified by both their GPA and Discipline points are sent to the teams and elective staff to ask for their nominations from the names who have met the first 2 criterias. Staff are allowed to nominate from the list about 20 students from each team that they feel have the leadership qualities necessary to be a member of SJHS. 

    4)Students who get nominated by the staff get an invitation to apply to be a member.

    5)Students who are interested in becomin a member must fill out the appilcation and turn it in to us by the deadline which is listed on the applicaiton.  Applications need to be taken seriously and this is the time where students get to brag on their strenghts.

    6)Applications are then scored and students selected from the high scores for SJHS.

    7)Just because someone does not get selected does not mean that they are not a great kid. We do have a limit of about 40 students in the group. We have about 300 students in the 7th grade class. It is great 7th grade class and only the top, top students are invited for membership.

    8) Students who are selected will receive an invititation letting them know that they were selected and inviting them to our inducion ceremoney held in May @6pm.