Seaman Middle School

Respect, Effort, Responsibility

  • Seaman Middle School Honor Society

    Seaman Jr Honor Society members for the 2017-2018 school year have been selected.  We had a tremendous amount of applicants and all are good students in good standing. We use a rubric to score the applicatiions. We have a limit on the number we can accomodate in the group.  If you were not chosen, please do not get discouraged and continue to strive for excellence in and out of the classroom.  Apply again in high school!

    2017-2018 School Year SMS HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS                  OUR INDUCTION CEREMONY WILL BE MAY 2 @ 6PM @ SMS!

    Anspaugh, Ryan
    Appelhanz, Anson
    Appelhanz, Kamryn
    Armstrong, Haliey
    Brodine, Anna
    Brooks, Adam
    Colley, Braden
    Crow, Tatum
    Crowell, Bradyn
    Dehn, Reagan
    DiLeonardo, Landon
    Doud, Mackenzie
    Finley, Maclane
    Grace, Gabriella
    Hardesty, Madyson
    Hilliard, Jake
    Keating, Grace
    Kramer, Ainsley
    Kruse, Justin
    Laird, Ben
    Lupton,   Alexandria
    Magill. Anna
    Minger, Madison
    Moore, Jace
    Myers, Samantha
    Nelson, Ebb
    Noble, Ellie
    Oliva, Olivia
    Rutter, Amaya
    Sadler, Amberly
    Schultz, Emma
    Sharp, Morgan
    Simpson, Emma
    Snyder, Samantha
    Stallbaumer, Casen
    Stover, Elizabeth
    Stuewe, Jackson
    Sullivan, Eric
    Tenpenny, Taylor
    Turner, Artiegust
    Unruh, Grace
    VanLeeuwen, Gwenyth
    Wilhelm, Gavin
    Williams, Andrew
    Williams, Gaige
    Wohleta, April


    Please understand if you have not been invited to apply for Seaman Middle School- Junior Honor Society  (SMS-JHS)  this year, it does not mean you are a bad person, as Seaman Middle School- Junior Honor Society  invites only the highest of high (about 20%) of the entire seventh graders at SMS to begin an application process for Junior Honor Society. If students are invited, it does not mean they are automatically accepted into NJHS. Even though grades matter with the qualifying process, SMS-JHS includes students who demonstrate the strongest grades, the strongest characteristics in character, the strongest citizenship, the strongest leadership, and strongest service.

    There are five major areas of qualifications and only the top total 20% of SMS seventh graders are chosen and invited to apply. (NOTE: This year and eighth grade does not determine being on National Honor Society in High School.)

    Academic Evaluation: Highest of high GPAs: 4.0-3.5 Considered, but looking for the highest of high grades.

    Character Evaluation: The highest of high qualifying students who demonstrate a strong consistent strength in respect, effort, and responsibility, as well as, keeping a clean discipline record.

    Leadership: The highest of high qualifying students who demonstrate strong leadership skills in contribution in problem solving, ideas, and a strong attitude of being resourceful.

    Citizenship: The highest of high qualifying students who demonstrate: a strong respect for not only our local school, but our area, state, and U.S., a mature level of responsibility and respect in school, school activities, and community activities.

    Service: the highest of high qualifying students who show strength in contribution to volunteering without monetary compensation.


    SJHS meets usually the 1st Wed. of the month.

    SJHS Members need to complete at least 10 hours of volunteer service by April 10th. Documented forms need to be turned in by April 10th, 2017, to complete their SJHS member requirements.

    2nd semester's monthy meetings: PUT IN YOUR CALENDAR!

    Wed. Jan. 11,  seminar   no treats

    Wed. Feb. 1 , seminar    Garrett's treat group

    Wed. Mar. 1, seminar    Kaycee's treat group

    Wed. April  5, seminar   no treats   ( last group meeting besides induction ceremony practice)


    Tues. May 2,  Induction ceremony practice during seminar

    Tues. May 2, INDUCTION CEREMONY   6;00 PM



    First semester's Monthly meetings:  In the commons    Put in your calendar.

    Wed. Oct. 4
    Wed. Nov. 7
    Wed. Dec. 7
    Oct.  10-14  Red Ribbon Week
    Officers read drug facts over the announcements.
    Everyone make a drug free poster of some kind and post i around the buidling.
    Friday: Oct 14  RED out in observance of Drug Free
    Help your seminar decorate your door for Red Ribbon Week using a movie theme.
    Nov. 9th SMS Wellness night
    Everyone sign up to work a half hour shift in the bowling alley.  Sign up sheet to be posted closer to the date.
    Support your seminar with the all school carnival.
    Dec. 9th come support the winter dance.  7-9
    December TRM tree
    HAT , SOCKS, AND MITTEN TREE IN THE COMMONS.  Bring hats, socks, or mittens to put on the tree to be donated to the Topeka Rescue Mission before XMAS. 
    Stay posted as we will update this info as needed. 

    Volunteer opportunities:

    Silverbackks is a local grassroots organization that helps members of our community in various ways.  One of our ongoing programs is SilverSupper.  SilverSupper provides free meals to children ages 0-18 four nights a week through 3 different community centers in town.  The volunteer commitment is about an hour an evening and people can volunteer as often as they like.  All they need to do is sign up online and then show up to fulfill their commitment.  It's a very safe environment and perfect for students!  

    The online signup is located at and there is a sign up for each of the locations around town.  

    This is a super easy and fast opportunity to gain those required hours?

    To learn more about their organization as a whole, feel free to visit their website -  Thank you so much for your help!