• Power Club

    Preserve Our World Everyone Recycle


    Mrs. Penny Guy - Email pguy@usd345.com

    Mrs. Patti Herbster - Email:  pherbster@usd345.com


    The main focus of POWER CLUB is to pick up recycling from the classrooms and offices at SMS. Six teams of  students spread across the school weekly during seminar and recycle for all. This is a big help to our custodial staff and to the health of the Earth. Membership in POWER Club is open to any SMS student in good standing. Students recycle about once a month.


    Purpose of POWER Club: To provide service to our school and our community.

    Who Should Join? Membership is open to any 7th or 8th grader who is interested in performing community service.

    POWER Club activities:

    • Responsible for recycling at SMS.
    • Sponsor two school-wide team competitions to benefit the community.
    • Engage in community service projects. 



    The county & city will hold an electronic recycling fair on April 30.    More details will follow in the spring.