Seaman Middle School

Respect, Effort, Responsibility

  • Student Council (STUCO)

    Sponsors - Mrs. Donna Brooks and Mrs. Jill Becker



    Thank you to all the student council reps for your service this year on Student Council.  Our activities for this year are finished.  We hope to see the 7th graders back again next year. 

    Good job Vikings!


    Thank you to McDonalds at Hunters Ridge for donating all the cups for pop at our Winter dances.

    Thank you to all the parents who help volunteer for our dances.  We have a few volunteers for the daytime to help decorate and supervise the members decorating for the spring dance, volunteers at the dance supervising and volunteers serving refreshents.  We really appreciate all of your help and support.

    PS: Winter Hat , socks, & mitten tree drive collected 83 single items for the children at TRM.  Thank you for your support.

    For your calendar and planning:

    1st semseter meeting dates: 

    Wed. Jan. , seminar

    Wed. Feb.   seminar

    Wed. Mar. seminar

    Wed. April , seminar


    2nd semseter meeting  dates:

    Wed. Jan. , seminar

    Wed. Feb.   seminar

    Wed. Mar. seminar

    Wed. April , seminar


    Upcoming activities will be posted as they come up.

    Friday, March 30th 7:00 - 9:00 spring dance



    Please help your seminar decorate your classroom door for RED RIBBON WEEK.  Anti Drugs  with a movie theme.  There will be an ice cream party for the classroom who gets picked by the judges for first place. Let the games begin.

    OCT.    Red Ribbon Week
    We will be passing out candy this week with "Be Drug Free" slogans.  More information will follow in a later email about this activity.  You will need to come to my room and pick up treats for your seminar each day this week.  
    Please check back in 1 week for  more specific information.

    WED. NOV.
    FYI : NOV.  IS WELLNESS NIGHT HERE AT SMS. Put it on your calendar.

    TUES. NOV. 21st Carnival
    You need to tell your seminar and your seminar teacher about the upcoming carnival.
    It will be Nov. 21st from 1-3
    It is a fundraiser for Topeka North Outreach. They help people around the north Topeka area who struggle financially with utilities, rent, meals, and Xmas.
    Your seminar is to decide on an activity that your seminar will host in your seminar room. You need to check with your teacher and see if they have something they always do.  You need to help organize work shifts for the day of the carnival.  You also need to help and promote your seminar kids to bring the prizes for the activity. That might be money, pop, candy, donuts, small prizes etc.  Discuss with your teacher.

    DEC. 1st   DANCE  7-9      DECORATE  6TH, 7TH,  SEMINAR
    The Dance is Friday, Dec 9th.  You will be excused from class for the afternoon . ( 6th, 7th, & seminar) to help decorate the commons for the dance.  You must have C's or above to participate in the decorating.  You will need to get your assignments for 6th and 7th hour ahead of time and turn in any due work that day before decorating.  


    December we will have a " HAT and MITTEN TREE" . We will donate all items to the Topeka Rescue Mission before Xmas.  Encourage your seminar to bring items for the tree.

    We donated 83 single items for the children at TRM Dec. 2016..  Thank you for your support.



    SMS Stuco - Student Council One Student Council Rep is chosen by each Seminar. Student Council meetings are usually held the 3rd Wednesday of every month, during seminar. 

    We usually meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month in room 116 during seminar. Our three largest events are the school carnival for TNO, and our two school dances.

    The carnival is our major fundraiser. Seminars provide carnival games for students during the school day, the day before Thanksgiving break.

    TNO CARNIVAL FUNDRAISER: All seminars plan an activity for the carnival. Students all take shifts and work their activity. When students are not working they are able to go around and play the games. Students bring money that day to play games or purchase food items. All money raised goes to TNO for their needy Christmas families. Please help by sending supplies and prizes to your child' s seminar and by sending money with your child on the day to participate.


    We have two school dances from 7-9 pm winter &  7:30 - 9:30 pm spring.

    Friday, Dec. 1st- Winter Dance  ( We need around 6-8 parent volunteers from 1-3 pm on Dec. 1st to help the kids decorate the commons area for this dance.  Please email me if you are willing to help this afternoon. 

    Friday, Mar.30th - Spring Dance   - no decorating of commons area

     We always ask for 2 liters of pop and lots of cookies from our parents for the dance refreshments. We also ask for parent volunteers to help supervise the halls and serve refreshments.