• Freshman Center

    The freshman year is a time of both excitement and anxiety as students make the leap from middle school to high school. The Freshman Center at Seaman High School was designed to help students successfully make this transition.

    Each freshman will be assigned to a team (Red, White or Blue) and will attend their core classes within that team. Teachers on these teams meet twice a week to closely monitor the progress of their students. This time may also be used to meet with parents in order to involve them in their student's education. Teachers also meet twice a week in their Professional Learning Community to plan and look at date related to their curriculum.

    In addition to their core classes, freshmen are required to take Success 101, a course that guides students as they consider their options past high school as well as the steps they will need to take to meet their goals. Students create a 10-year plan and utilize the Kansas Career Pipeline. It is also recommended that freshmen enroll in Physical Dimensions, another required class. This class provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle as they participate in activities in both the classroom and the gym. Freshmen also enroll in various elective courses offered in the high school.

    Staff and students are fortunate to have access to technology throughout the school. Teachers utilize technology to enhance student learning and support students in their acquisition of 21st Century skills. Finally, opportunities are provided that encourage positive interactions with high school students through participation in the numerous clubs and other activities that are offered at Seaman High School Research shows that the more connected students are to school, the more successful they will be.

    Our hope is that every freshman will embrace the opportunities given them in high school, both academic and extracurricular. We, along with the staff, look forward to making them feel a part of the Viking family and helping them reach their potential over the coming years.

    Shelly Prengel, Freshmen Principal                                                                                                      
    Mike Monaghan, Principal