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  • Interactive Mathematics Curriculum

    Welcome to our Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) curriculum page.  Here you will find information regarding the new IMP curriculum being implemented at the Seaman Freshman Center and Seaman High School. Starting with the class of 2018, all SHS students will begin with Math 1 their freshman year.

    The flowchart below illustrates the progression of math courses following the completion of Math 1. Through each semester of this progression, students will have the opportunity to complete additional coursework for honors credit.

    Please utilize the resources on this page to reach a greater understanding of Interactive Mathematics.

    You can also visit the official IMP website by clicking on the link below:


Math Course Offerings
  • IMP Resources

    Please review the attached resources in order to better understand the benefits of the IMP curriculum and why we picked it as the best method for teaching mathematics to our students.

    IMP Brochure         

    IMP Math Research          

    IMP Research Design     



  • Resources for Parents and Students

    Information has been provided below on how parents can best assist their student with math homework when the answers aren't in the book.

    Additionally, for students considering the the Honors Math option, you will find copies of the Math 1 Honors Contract from each freshman team.

    How to Help with Homework