Seaman USD 345

2020 Vision - Learning Without Limits

 Parents as Teachers
Mathes Learning Center
2032 N Kansas Ave
Topeka KS 66608
Parent Educators
Tina Killman - 785-286-1508 or
Jennifer Shipp - 785-221-6416 or 
Angie Bloom - 785-215-4404 or
 Parents as Teachers national website:

Parents as Teachers is a free program for parents of children ages prenatal to three who live in the Seaman School District. Interested parents should call or email to begin services.

Program Includes: 

  • Personalized visits to help you learn about your child’s development, how your child’s brain is developing, talk about concerns, ask questions, and share the joys and frustrations of parenting.
  • Play groups where children can learn to play with others and try new activities, and parents can meet and share experiences.
  • Regular developmental screenings that can reassure you of your child’s progress and to help identify potential problems.
  • A resource network that can help parents find services in their community, if needed, beyond what PAT can do.

Parents of 3 year olds or younger living in the district can call 785-286-1508 for free services. Parents as Teachers is guided by these simple principals: all parents want to be good parents; children are born to learn; children learn the most from the people they love; parents are the experts on their own children, everyone deserves support in the parenting role.

Our educators can see you either during the day or evening. There are some Saturday appointments available also.

All playgroups are free and open to families with children birth to five. No registration is necessary. Playgroups are held at Mathes Learning Center (2032 N Kansas Ave) unless otherwise noted. 

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Resource Room
The Seaman Resource Room is a collection of toys and books for children and parents. These items are available for check out during playgroups. If you are not able to come during these times, and you would like to utilize the Resource Room, please call one of the Parent Educators. The Resource Room is located at Mathes Learning Center at 2023 N Kansas Ave in Room 117.

We have books and videos (for parents and children) on the following topics:
  • Hitting/Biting
  • Sensory Integration
  • New Baby
  • Discipline
  • Sleep
  • Toileting
  • Parenting
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby Sign Language