• Spatial Unit 

    begins April 26


     A copy of this letter was given to the student for signature April 21 or 22.

    April 20, 2016


    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    Starting Tuesday, April 26, we will begin a unit called Spatial Visualization.   This unit explores representing three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional drawing then, vice versa, constructing (with cubes) three-dimensional objects from their two-dimensional representation.


    Learning to visualize objects is a critical step in helping students answer questions on volume. These types of questions are found in our textbooks and on standardized tests.


    This unit will be done entirely in class. It is a totally hands on unit and materials can not be sent home. If your student is absent he/she will need to report to the classroom the following morning at 7:15 or make arrangements to stay after school that day so he/she can get caught up. Since all work must be done in class, there will be very little homework through the end of the school year.


    Please send the bottom portion of this letter back with your student. This is your student’s first assignment in the spatial unit. It is worth five (5) points and is due Tuesday, April 26. Extra credit will be given to students who return it by Friday, April 22.


                          Thank you,




    Cut here and send back only the bottom of this note.

    Spatial Visualization Unit


    Student’s Name____________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________


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