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    Head Coach - Mrs. Donna Brooks (dbrooks@usd345.com)

    Assistant Coaches - Jeff Rahmeier  - Stephanie Herbster 

    Thanks for an awesome season!  2nd place in both All city and All League is amazing. Great effort lady vikes!


    Uniform check in and ice cream party is Monday, Oct. 9th during seminar.



    2017-2018  school year -7th grade Volleyball

    Volleyball tryouts will start the first full day of school, Wed. Aug. 16th from 3:120-5.   Tryouts will be Wed., Thurs., and Fri. & Mon.( 16, 17, 18, & 21)

    Make sure you get a physical completed after May 1, 2017.  You will not be able to tryout or practice without a physical and other signed consent forms on file in the school office.


    Every Friday starting Aug. 25th,7th grade practice will be in the morning from 6-7:20!


    (Fall - 2017) 7th Girl's Volleyball

    Any girl wishing to attend tryouts must have the following four forms completed and signed before they will be allowed to step on the court. Each athlete must have a "Physical" form completed after May 1, 2017; dated and signed by the physician, parent and student. They also must have an "Assumption of Risk" form, and a "Concussion" form dated and signed by the student and parent. These forms can be downloaded from the SMS main website or forms may be picked up from the office. Also, all athletes are in the "middle school pool" for random drug testing.,

    **7th grade volleyball practice will be from 3:20-5 Monday through Thursday, at SMS. Every Friday practice is scheduled from 6:00 - 7:20 at SMS.  This will free everyone up for Friday night activities. 

    **Athletic tennis shoes need to be worn to tryouts and practice. Knee pads are optional and are not provided by the school. Long hair needs to be pulled back in a pony tail or similar style. Uniforms will be provided to team members before our competitions begin.

    The 2017 volleyball game schedule WILL BE ADDED below when available. Also there is a link under "Match Schedule" on the side panel.


    ***Parents/guardians we do have a late pick-up policy that we follow. All students are to be picked up no later than 5:20 pm on afternoon practices and no later than 15 minutes after games or arriving back at school on game days. We will have students call or text parents/guardians when we are about 30 minutes away from school on away games.  Carpooling is a great way to do pick ups too, if possible. We will pass out information about the policy at the parent meeting.

    ***We will also have a 7th grade “ REMIND “ app email or text that we will communicate with parents on about return times and or cancellations etc. Please sign up for this text/email. It will be a group email but your number will not show up.  You will not get a "ding" for every person on the app. You get a message from the coach only. We will pass out this info at the parent meeting also. Example: Just left Manhattan. Plase pickup @6:30.  This app limits the number of characters typed so sometimes I have to use text grammar to get the message compeleted.  It is set so people can not reply to each other.  It is meant only to be a means of communication to the parent/guardian of pertinent informaiton about team events or return times.  If you need to contact me you can email me @ dbrooks@usd345.com   or text me at 785-249-4949.

     ***On some games out of town, we will stop and eat at a fast food restauant. We will give notice ahead of time. Please send money with your child.  Also, please have the girls bring a water bottle and after school snacks to eat on the bus for out of town games.  They will get hungry before we have time to stop to eat. They might want a snack for our home games too.

    ***Tournaments usually have concession stands.  Some years parents have organized snacks and lunch with all players bringing something to share. That is up to the parents, if you want to do something like that.

    *** Students are encouraged to ride the bus home with the team when possible.  If needed "Parents only" can take the  student home from an away meet.   If you need to have someone else take your child home after an away game, permission needs to granted and filed with our office ahead of time.  This is an administration policy.





    7th Grade Volleyball

    Date      Opponent(s) /                           Event Location       Level        Time
    9/5/17   Silver Lake, Washburn Rural,     @Silver Lake HS     V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/7/17   Manh-Eisen Manh-Anth              @SMS                   V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/11/17 Shawnee Heights, Emporia         @SHMS                 V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/13/17 Washburn Rural                         @WRMS                 V/JV         3;30 PM
    9/14/17 Shawnee Heights, Fort Riley       @SHMS                  V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/16/17 Junction City Tournament           @JC HS & MS         V/JV         9:00 AM
    9/21/17 Emporia, Manhattan-Eisen          @SMS                    V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/25/17 Emporia, Shawnee Heights         @SMS                    V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/26/17 Washburn Rural, Junction City     @WRMS                 V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/28/17 SHMS, WRMS,Manh-Eisen           @SHMS                  V/JV         3:30 PM
    9/30/17 Centennial League Tournament    @WRMS                 V  only     8:30 AM

    Updated: June 7, 2017










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