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2020 Vision - Learning Without Limits

  • Installing Applications On Your MacBooks

    Follow the directions attached below to install applications to your MacBook through Self Service. 


    Dear Parents,

    The Seaman School District is pleased to announce the implementation of a laptop learning initiative that will put a MacBook Air laptop into every 7-12 grade student's hands starting with the 2016-17 school year. Each student will receive a laptop computer to be used in the classroom as well as at home for educational purposes.  Teachers will be using the laptops for instruction, assignments, projects, research and assessment. As a district, we’ve always integrated technology into learning; now we’re going to be able to provide more personalized learning, increase instruction time, and better prepare students for life after graduation. 

    There will be a couple of important pieces of information that parents will need to be aware of as the 2016-17 school year approaches. An orientation and distribution of laptops will take place in August. This meeting for you and your student is mandatory. Devices will not be issued to students who do not attend these important sessions. You can find your dates and other required tasks on the back of this letter.

    Soon, you will begin to receive more information regarding our new 1:1 Digital Learning initiative and how it will be implemented across our secondary schools. We are excited to begin this new endeavor to provide our students with every tool necessary to succeed in a global economy. 

    If you have any questions, please visit We look forward to seeing you at one of our 1:1 orientations in August.


    Traci Hammes
    SMS Principal

    Mike Monaghan
    SHS Assistant Principal

    Seaman Grades 7-12 
    Parent’s Guide to 1:1 Digital Learning Technology

    Prior to students receiving their laptop to take home, the following must be completed during the enrollment process.
    ☐ Technology fees must be paid
    ☐ Loan & user agreements must be signed during online enrollment
    ☐ Parent and student must attend 1:1 Orientation (see below for dates/times)

    Enrollment Dates (if you enroll and pay fees online, there is no need to attend enrollment on Aug 4)
    Jul 11 - Aug 18        Online enrollment open,
    Aug 4                        K-12 Enrollment in person 11am - 7pm @ SHS (new students MUST enroll in person)

    2016-17 Fees for 7-12 Grades
    New this year, textbook & technology fees will follow the federal free meal guidelines. An application for free and reduced price meal benefits and a set of detailed instructions are available online at starting July 1.

    BOOK FEES $60
    Reduced $20
    Free FREE
    Reduced $45
    Free $25
    TOTAL $125
    Reduced $65
    Free $25

    When will my student pick up his/her laptop?
    A parent/guardian and student are required to attend the 1:1 Orientation Meeting or speak to a school official about student use of MacBook Airs prior to student use at home.

    July 28, 6:00 pm                    1:1 Public Forum Meeting at SMS

    August 8, 6:00 pm                 SHS Parent & Senior 1:1 Orientation at SHS
    August 9, 6:00 pm                 SHS Parent & Junior 1:1 Orientation at SHS
    August 10, 6:00 pm               SMS Parent & 7th Grade Student Orientation and 1:1 Orientation @ SMS
    August 11, 6:00 pm               SMS Parent & 8th Grade Student Orientation and 1:1 Orientation @ SMS
    August 15, 6:00 pm               SHS Parent & Sophomore 1:1 Orientation at SHS
    August 16, 6:00 pm               SHS Parent & Freshman New Student Orientation and 1:1 Orientation at SHS