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A closer look at BULLYING prevention in our schools

Counselors, principals, and teachers work hard to identify and prevent bullying in our schools using a curriculum called Second Step Bullying Prevention. The lessons include: games, role-playing, songs, and the use of puppets in our elementary schools.  The district also uses the curriculum to address standards in the areas of Social Studies and Health/Wellness. Counselors teach core curriculum to ALL students to facilitate understanding of bullying and steps to take when it occurs in all grades. 
Ways to report bullying
• Online Form Available for Teachers
• Parents may Call in a Report
• Students make a Report Verbally to staff
• Students may Drop a Note to Counselor
Counselor/Principal’s Role after reported
1. Investigate, determine if it bullying or conflict. 
2. Alert staff on need to know basis for safety. 
3. If bullying is determined, refer to principal to follow building protocol for addressing bullying and to assign consequences. 
4. Provide social skills lessons as needed for both identified “bully” and “target” as needed.