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What is this I keep hearing about Schoology?

With the beginning of the school year came the integration of Schoology as our district-wide learning management system. Through Schoology, district staff can manage online classrooms to post digital content and connect with colleagues through professional learning groups.
At the elementary level, Schoology now serves as the portal through which K-6 students and teachers access their online reading and math curriculum provided by McGraw-Hill. This has created an integrated location where students can access classroom curriculum instead of having to navigate to different websites and manage multiple logins.
In the secondary buildings, Schoology has allowed teachers to easily create and assign digital content for students in the 1:1 environment. Schoology served as the system through which all 7-12 students received back-to-school technology lessons about promoting digital citizenship, navigating the Schoology LMS, using applications on their MacBook Air devices, and more. Teachers will continue to use Schoology as a way to provide more personalized learning based on student needs. The application also provides students a place to collaborate online with classmates and teachers in a user friendly environment.