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Lockdown - Evacuation - Shelter: What does this mean?

Seaman USD #345 takes proactive measures to protect the safety of all our students and staff members.  In the case of an emergency, Seaman USD #345 staff members will protect and shelter your children until they are reunited with you.   This information has been prepared to provide you with important instructions should there be an emergency at your child’s school.  
A school may experience an emergency that requires students to be dismissed from school other than the usual time or location.  In these rare instances, USD #345 will use a procedure known as Parent/Child Reunification (PCR) Plan.  This plan is designed to be a safe and orderly procedure used to reunite students and parents in the event of an emergency.  Depending on the situation, this plan could be implemented at your child’s school or at an off-site location if the building is unsafe.  USD #345 will use several means of communicating the necessary information to the parents and guardians through the use of press releases, local television and radio stations, USD #345 website, and district automated phone system.    In addition, parents/guardians can help facilitate a safe and orderly reunification by adhering to the following procedures:
  • Come to the school ONLY AFTER USD #345 has notified you that the school is ready to begin the PCR process.  
  • Bring personal identification (driver’s license or other photo ID) to assist school staff who will be identifying people who have been approved to pick up students.  
  • Park only in approved areas – do not park in the bus loop; do not block entrances or exits.
  • Follow instructions from school staff members as you enter and leave the building. 
An emergency alert and response to imminent danger in the school or on school property.  Students, staff and visitors report to the nearest securable location.  The administrator ensures that 911 is called to request immediate assistance.  Students, staff and visitors remain secured until police have controlled the situation. (i.e. intruder, health emergency, etc.)
An emergency alert and response called by an administrator when it is too dangerous to remain in the building.  Students, staff and visitors must leave the building, using the nearest SAFE exit to a predetermined location.  (i.e. fire, bomb threat, etc.)
An emergency alert and response called by an administrator when it is too dangerous to leave the school. (i.e. severe weather, outside hazardous materials, etc.)