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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)

Students and staff around the district are finding ways to celebrate good behavior using various PBIS systems. At Logan Elementary School, Third Grade Teacher Dawn Wayant gives her students “Banana Bucks” when she notices a student helping others, or finding other ways to be respectful and responsible. Mrs. Wayant also ties her PBIS system into math. “Students get $1 bills but can trade them in for $5, $10 or $20.  They have to create a shopping  list-complete with the amount of money they have, how  much they plan to spend (with prices listed and added up) then calculate how  much money they will have left after the shopping day,” said Mrs. Wayant.

Mrs. Wayant put together a very creative list of items kids can buy with their bucks, including the pillow fort with friends (pictured above). However her system does have its faults. Some days the teacher is left without a place to sit for the day when a student decides to spend $50 on “Sit in the Teacher’s Chair for the Day.”