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STAR Expectations lead to STAR Celebrations

You may have heard about Logan Lions STAR Expectations and the STAR Celebrations!  Wait…you haven’t heard?  Well, let me fill you in!  STAR stands for


Stay Safe

Take Responsibility

Act Appropriately and

Respect Others


Students are expected to behave in certain ways in the classroom, restroom, busses, hallways, playground, lunchroom, and at walk and talk, during arrival and dismissal, and assemblies.  Each area addresses how they should act to Stay Safe, Take Responsibility, Act Appropriately, and Respect Others, 


When students are following the STAR Expectations they earn STAR Slips, which can earn them entry into a weekly drawing where STAR students are recognized in grades K-6 and into a STAR Celebration that takes place at the end of each quarter!  These STAR Celebrations have fun activities, arts and crafts, movement activities and snacks.  We have had two STAR Celebrations this year and are planning two more! 


Ask your child about the STAR Celebrations and what the STAR Expectations are!  Chances are they are excited and will tell you all about them!!!