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Counselor Erin Corbin talks about her "Why"

Why do I do what I do?  I believe that it is our moral obligation to use our natural gifts to help others.  Drawing upon my life experiences and the skills I have learned for working with children has always brought me a deep sense of joy and satisfaction.  It is a precious gift to work in a building where I  have several years to guide and watch children grow into confident, compassionate young people. My hope is that I plant seeds of empathy, compassion, and a belief in their ability to determine the course of their lives.  

I believe that there are few professions more honorable than working in public education.  Like my co-workers, I view this work as a calling which I take very seriously and gratefully. Every day I am privileged to witness children overcome tremendous obstacles.  Every day I am inspired by the resilient spirits and loving hearts of Logan students.  The greatest days of my career, the days I will remember the rest of my life, have been those when I have known that I have had a positive effect in a child’s life.