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1,082 Parent Schoology Accounts Activated

You’ve heard about Schoology but you’re still wondering why you should sign up for a parent account. Here’s a list of how Schoology can help you be more involved in your student’s day-to-day activity. Your student access will stay with your child while they are enrolled in our schools so you can stay connected with them as they grow and learn so sign up today. 
• View your student’s school calendar with assignments and due dates
• Get alerts when assignments are graded
• Be involved in clubs and activities by viewing coaches/sponsors’ posts, pictures and updates
• Get scholarship opportunities and updates
• Quick access to resource folders for parents with class information and useful forms
• Receive school updates posted by the principal to the Recent Activity feed
• Access resources that you can use to help your child at home
• View student submitted assignments and online discussion responses 
• Parents can become active participants with their child playing the Everyday Math games
• Parents can stay connected with school events using the Schoology calendar
View parent access sign-up instructions: