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February Parent-Teacher Conferences

February parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled with your child’s seminar teacher for student-led conferences. This new opportunity assists our students in developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills essential for post-secondary success. It is also an opportunity for us, the adults, to listen to their reflections on their school experience.

Our goals for using this format include:

  • Students own their learning, monitor their progress, and develop self-advocacy skills.
  • Student practice applying interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  • Parents get to hear and see our student’s progress from the most important person--our student.
  • Teachers will listen and learn our student’s perspective, answer questions, and guide the discussion.
  • All participants will benefit from becoming partners with our student.

We have prepared for this event though our social-emotional lessons, career cruising lessons, and academic analysis lessons. All of these lessons were prepared and guided by our guidance counselors. Also, our students have worked with advocates in analyzing test scores, identifying pathways and courses of interest. Our student has researched and reflected on considerations for future academic and career goals, as well as this year’s academic success and next steps. During our student-led conference, our student will lead the discussion, present work, and answer questions. I will facilitate and assist in identifying how to address any questions that may arise during our student’s presentation.

This is the format we will use for all February conferences going forward.  The presentation our student creates is a required piece in their Seminar course.  We appreciate your support as this event in the culmination to many of the activities related to college and career planning as well as social-emotional lessons.

Please log in to PowerSchool and schedule a 15-minute conference led by our student.

Those parents or guardians who need to speak with specific teachers will be able on a drop-in basis from 7:30-8:30 pm on Wed., Feb 13 and Thur., Feb 14 and do not require an appointment.

For those parents or guardians not able to attend we have two options. We can set up an alternate date and time or staff will be available to provide the opportunity for students to conduct the conference. This second option allows our student the opportunity to experience leading a conference and will be prepared to share it with you at home at your family’s availability.


We look forward to a successful student-led conference.