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Position Name Address Phone Number
President '88 Paula Kelly Frey 1401 Nichols Rd, Manhattan KS 66502 785-341-6750
Vice-President '88 Sheila Burke 5209 NW Brickyard Rd, Topeka KS 66618 785-806-7573
Secretary '74 Kathy Carrow Johnson 17215 Bowser Dr, Hoyt KS 66440 785-408-4945
Treasurer '92 Fred Patton 339 NE 46th St, Topeka KS 66617 785-286-3453
Asst. Sec '88 Amy Stone Harrison 122 NW Coachlight Dr, Topeka KS 66608 785-250-3345
Board Assoc. '58 Frederick L. "Fred" Gilliland 2421 NW Kiro Ct, Silver Lake KS 66539 785-582-4518
Board Assoc. '74 Brad Broadbent 1939 NE 70th St Topeka KS 66617 785-224-5819
Board Assoc. '75 Greg DeBacker 2907 NW Topeka Blvd Topeka KS 66617 785-286-3029
Board Associate '73 Debi White Meinholdt 1900 NW Central Ave, Topeka KS 66608 785-640-4988
Auditing Committee '66 Clifford Dean Doel
Auditing Committee '80 Kerry (Gideon) Steed

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Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Hi! Fellow Viking,

Hopefully you have recently visited your Seaman High School Historical Society Museum. There have been some really special additions.

While there, you may have looked through the memorial album of Vikings who have died while serving our Country. We are in the process of collecting information on all Vikings who have or are presently serving in one of the branches of our military. And, this is where we need your help.

Hopefully you and/or one or more of your classmates will help us identify these very special individuals. Listed below is the minimum amount of information we are collecting.

  • First name, Middle initial, (Maiden name) and Last name
  • year graduated, branch of service, highest rank, and actual years served
  • phone number, e-mail address, and any additional information volunteered

We want to thank you in advance for your assistance. Please direct questions and collected information by phone to Joe Maxwell, '61, at 303-524-9709; or email, and/or by direct mail to 16532 Red Brush Place, Parker CO 80134

Old Seaman HS

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