Renewal of a Five-Year Professional License

Renewal of a Five Year Professional License is now an online application process. If the paper application renewal process has already been started (connecting documents or application form) continue through that paper process. Do not start over with an online application.

Already familiar with the online application process? Go directly to the login site.

If new to online application submissions review the General Instructions for Online Application Forms.
On the License Applications webpage scroll down to see the numerically ordered list of application forms and find Form 3a.
Click on the link to the right “Review Requirements and Access Form” to get started on the process.

The process for completing district verifications for applicants is the same as you have been following for other online forms over the last few years. Review General Instructions for Districts if needed.

Districts will verify experience or upload transcripts – PDC transcripts (and university transcripts if applicable.)

Signatures on PDC transcripts will no longer be required