Equity Council

The USD 345 Seaman School District Board of Education has a responsibility to ensure equitable and fair educational opportunities for all students by allocating resources fairly and equitably, providing diverse learning opportunities, and demonstrating a commitment to equity and fairness across the school district. Educational equity is defined as making decisions strategically based upon the principles of fairness, which includes providing a variety of educational resources, models, programs, and strategies according to student needs that may not be the same for every student or school with the intention of leading to equality of academic outcomes.

Committee Members
Kristin Duncan: Parent
Linda Farrant: Parent
Tina Fassnacht: Counselor
Danira Fernandez-Flores: Director of Secondary
Frank Henderson: Board Member/Chair
Natalie Jefferson-Wabaunsee: Parent
Becky Kramer: Director of EC/ELEM
Lisa Martinez: Teacher
Jodi McConnaughey: Parent
Karl McNorton: Community Member
Kim Meyers-Lopez: Teacher
Kevinh Nuyghen : Student
Olivia Oliva: Student
Dedra Raines: Director of Spec. Services/Admin Liaison
Cherie Sage: Board Member
Christine Saunders: Principal
Madeline Schreiner: Teacher
Anna Smith-Garcia: Teacher
Joseph Smith: Para
Kari Smith: Parent
Eric Snell: Custodian
Deborah Sturgeon: Teacher
Karen Williams: Principal
Ashley Womack: Teacher