Return to School Planning

CLP 2.0

As we continue to plan for school this fall, our teaching and learning department will be working with a newly formed Continuous Learning Plan 2.0 Task Force. Members will include parents, teachers, board members, and administrators. This committee will guide our district in the decision making as we make plans for the possibility of alternate learning environments. This team will ensure we are prepared for the many different scenarios we may be faced with for the 2020-21 school year. Seaman School District will continue to do what is best for kids with health and safety as a priority.

This webpage is designed to inform parents and employees of the plans for reopening our buildings as they become available. The district will be focused on three learning environments for the 2020-21 school year:

On-site Learning Environment: students and teachers will be in school with or without social distancing practices put into place.

Hybrid Learning Environment: students would be spending part of their time in the classroom and part of their time learning virtually from home.

Remote Learning Environment: students would be doing all of their learning from home and not entering the school building at all.

Click here for general back-to-school and enrollment information. 

6/15/20 - 2020-21 School Year Planning Survey Released
6/17/20 - 2020-21 School Year Planning Survey Closed
6/17/20 - Task Force Meeting
6/24/20 - Task Force Meeting
7/1/20 - Subcommittee Work
7/8/20 - Task Force Meeting
7/10/20 - Draft Kansas State Department of Education Guidance Released
7/12-20 - USD 345 Subcommittee Reports Due
7/17/20 - USD 345 Draft CLP 2.0 Plan Released
7/17/20 - Enrollment for Remote Learning
7/17/20 - COVID Exposure Response
7/22/20 - USD 345 Task Force Meeting
7/24/20 - Completion of USD 345 CLP 2.0 Plan
7/29/20 - USD 345 BOE Considers CLP 2.0 Plan

Superintendent Updates
Superintendent Update - 7/7/20 (Mask Order)
Superintendent Update - 6/30/20
Seaman School District appreciates staff, parents, and community members who are dedicating time this summer to this important task. Thanks also to our school families for their continued partnership!

All plans are subject to change with public health updates.