Active & Engaged Students

Active & Engaged Students
Posted on 01/24/2020
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Being Seaman graduates ourselves, Kim and I made it a priority to raise our own children in the Seaman District. We knew the district had great schools, but just as important we wanted our children to grow up in a community that would provide them opportunities to be active and engaged citizens.

Board RecognitionAt our monthly Board of Education meetings, we take time at the beginning of the agenda to recognize students and staff for their achievements. Month after month, we hear how our students are winning state and national awards and how our staff are being selected for honors in their profession. Without a doubt, our community has provided our young people and their teachers with an environment that allows them to excel.

Club FairWhile I am proud of the individual accomplishments of our students and staff, at our September board meeting, we acknowledged an honor that exemplifies the very reason Kim and I wanted to raise our family here. Seaman High School was recognized by the Kansas State Department of Education for actively involving students in civic engagement opportunities. Seaman High was one of only ten schools across the state selected for this honor. For the next three years, our high school will be a part of the Civic Advocacy Network and serve as a role model in the effort to collect exemplary practices that will be shared with other schools across the Kansas.

Student EngagementIt has long been a goal in our district that our students be involved in extracurricular activities. Research clearly shows that students do a better job in the classroom when they are connected to the school through clubs, organizations, and sports. We have also made it a priority for our students to understand the importance of giving back to the community, for them to be involved in school governance, and for them to be engaged in the democratic process. It is important that our students leave Seaman High School with both a strong educational foundation and an understanding that it is important for them to be active and involved members of our community.

In May, Andrew, our middle child, will graduate from Seaman High School as part of our 100th graduating class. I am excited about the difference Andrew and his classmates will make in our world as they take what they learned in our schools to the next level. Thanks to an extremely supportive community and outstanding educators, I am confident they will make us proud they got their start at Seaman High School.

Thanks to each of you for your support of our schools and for the impact you have had on the students who attend our schools!