FACS in Action

Planning Student Events in 8th Grade FACS In Action
Posted on 11/12/2019
FACS in ActionStudents in Mrs. Carrie Davis’ FACS in Action class spend a large percentage of their class time planning and providing activities and events for all students at SMS to participate in. This class is responsible for managing the Viking Store throughout the school year, which provides items for students to purchase using their Viking Dollars (an incentive for meeting building-wide expectations). FACS in Action students reach out to teachers and community businesses to provide items for the store, cook special treats for Flavorful Fridays in the store, and collect and analyze data tied to the use of Viking Dollars and requests for new items in the store.

These students also have several events that they will plan throughout the school year, and their first of the 2019-2020 school year was the inaugural Halloween Costume Contest. The students were responsible for every aspect of the event, from presenting the idea to their principal, to advertising and communicating with students and staff, to creating prizes for winners, and organizing participants during the event itself. The students used their class time the day before the event to run through a script for the event and assign roles for each student to complete during the event. Mrs. Davis facilitated the conversation, but the students were the ones asking questions, brainstorming every possible scenario, creating contingency plans, and offering suggestions to each other to help their roles run successfully during the event.

During the Halloween Costume Contest, the students were the ones behind the scenes making everything run smoothly. Watching them communicate with their peers, ensure everyone was organized and ready to go, present a well run show from beginning to end, and help wrap up the event when it had ended was proof that these students are taking what they are learning in their FACS curriculum and applying it wonderfully to real world solutions. So excited to see what else they come up with this school year!