Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez - Secondary Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/05/2020
Lisa MartinezEvery year, USD 345 teachers nominate a representative from their building to be considered Seaman’s Teachers of the Year. This year, Lisa Martinez from Seaman High School was selected by the Seaman Education Association. Lisa will be honored at a KSDE luncheon and considered for the coveted 2020 Kansas Teacher of the Year later this spring.

Lisa has been an invaluable member of the World Language Department at Seaman High School for the last 14 years. She is innovative and student-centered. Through Lisa’s daily teaching practice, she enriches the experience of students in her classroom and the department.

Lisa invites guests speakers from the Hipanic community from a wide range of professions. This experience is especially important for our small student population of Hispanic students who don’t often have the opportunity to see themselves in professional settings. Our student majority also benefit from the experience as speakers help interrupt stereotypes about Hispanics. This year, Lisa proposed a course for heritage speakers of Spanish. Her advocacy and view of diversity as a strength categorizes Lisa as an equity leader in this district.

Lisa sponsors and facilitates many student activities which include; Spanish Club, Foreign Exchange Student Facilitator, and Head Sponsor for SHARP student recognition program. Her leadership in these areas promotes a positive culture and climate at Seaman High School.

Director of Secondary Education Danira Fernandez-Flores states, “I am in awe of Lisa’s energy outside and inside her classroom. She provides an engaging classroom experience that inspires students to continue to pursue their second language development beyond the classroom and school.”