New Year

A New Year and a New Decade
Posted on 01/24/2020
2020 is here and not only is it a new year, it is a new decade. A lot can happen over the next 10 years with ourselves and our children so let’s take a moment to reflect on the past, think about the present, and build our future!

As I reflect on our past, one of the more significant facts about the year 2020 is it marks our 100th year of graduating seniors from Seaman High School. We have already had several events during the fall semester that featured our 100th year and perhaps the most enjoyable was our fall homecoming parade. Each of our schools, clubs, and teams all showed their enthusiasm for a century of achievement at Seaman Schools. Later this spring, we will have a culminating event in June that will bring our alumni back to our community to celebrate with us. Be on the lookout for more details about our 100th year celebration coming in June.

As I think about the present, I’m pleased to see the tremendous progress we are making in transforming our learning spaces, programs, and student services into a more personalized approach to learning so each student at Seaman Schools can maximize his or her talents, aspirations, and community contributions. Some examples of this transformation include a continued focus on blended learning spaces and strategies, project based learning, hands on STEM learning via Project Lead the Way, and the expansion of clubs so every student can get connected with our schools and other students. Individualized plans of study are a reality for each and every student in middle and high school with our 26 career pathways, technical courses, concurrent college credit opportunities, honors and AP courses, Jobs for America’s Graduates curriculum, and a plethora of fine arts, athletics, clubs, and school activities in which our students are involved.

We have also renewed our focus on the social and emotional supports for our students by hiring more social workers, counselors, and support staff - as well as providing training for all faculty - who play pivotal roles in ensuring our students are healthy and ready to learn every day. The establishment of elementary and middle school wellness rooms for students and the remodeling of the Career and Life Planning Center at Seaman High School are further examples of supports we have in place for our students’ social and emotional health.

The next 10 years will see even more changes and challenges for our students, our staff, and our community. What will our schools need in order to ensure our children continue to receive a world class education? What will our faculty and staff need to ensure world class learning happens every day for our kids? What will our community and world need once these kids graduate from Seaman High School as the 101st - the 110th classes? As we embark on a new year, let’s remember where we’ve been, where we are, and most importantly, what we want to become this decade and throughout this new century of “Learning Without Limits.”