Working Together

Working Together to Tackle New Opportunities and Challenges
Posted on 09/25/2019
At Seaman, we pride ourselves on being a family of community members who care about all of our kids and each other. This year, our family turns 100 years old as we celebrate our 100th graduating class from Seaman High School. Whether you are a lifelong family member who is a Seaman alum or new to our Seaman family, we care about you, your children, and your grandchildren. We believe in the importance of working together to tackle new opportunities and challenges we face as a school district. This issue of the Communicator contains several stories of these opportunities and challenges.

We are so excited to offer breakfast at all of our schools for the first time ever. Having a nutritious breakfast in the morning is important to our children’s success that day. We also realize how hectic it can be for our working families to get their children off to school with a nutritious breakfast in their tummies. With the option of breakfasts at all of our schools this year, families can rest easy knowing we are here to help ensure your child gets something healthy to eat before school starts.

Some of the bigger challenges facing our kids in our 100th year are e-cigarettes (vaping), bullying, depression, and suicide. At Seaman, we are tackling the e-cigarette issue head on by forming a new “vaping prevention committee.” This committee will meet throughout the year to become better educated about the research around harmful effects of vaping, how manufacturers are marketing to our kids, and how to spot a vaping device. The committee plans to host a community conversation around the dangers of vaping later this fall.

Addressing bullying behavior, both online and in our schools and community, continues to be another point of focus for our schools. This year, our technology department will provide at-home device filtering to help our families keep their children safe online while using district issued laptops. Our schools also offer social emotional programming throughout PreK-12 and we have formed an anti-bullying committee led by our directors of teaching and learning. Bullying at school and in our community requires all of us to stand up to bullying behavior. If you see something, say something. These challenges require our Seaman family - both at school and at home - to come together, become better educated, and communicate effectively to help keep our kids safe.

Speaking of communication, we know how important it is to provide effective communication to our families. This year, we are offering a variety of ways for our Seaman family to stay informed. We provide an online “Board Digest” which contains information about the most recent school board meeting. We also provide an online monthly “eCommunicator” containing news and information about our district. A paper version of the “Communicator” is mailed out to all Seaman households quarterly. For those of you who are effective users of our website, Facebook and/or Twitter, all of these communication sources are available via these means as well. Follow Seaman Schools on Facebook and Twitter and by going to our newly revamped website

In our 100th year of educating students, we are proud of our Seaman family’s heritage. We are also proud to embrace new family members who bring diversity to our Seaman family. While we are facing new challenges in our 100th year, we are also facing incredible opportunities to improve the future for our children.

Thank you for all you do for our kids and each other.