Mentor Program

MentorsUSD 345's mentoring program provides novice and experienced teachers, specialists, and building leaders the tools to execute on their beliefs and commitments to our students. Mentors provide critical support and guidance using their breadth of experience, adapting to meet the needs of their mentee and by utilizing the provided resources/forms.

The induction into teaching is a profession unlike many others. Many concepts in teaching are learned on the job and new to the profession teachers receive the same responsibilities as veterans. Seaman’s mentoring program is designed to assist teachers into a smoother transition into teaching resulting in job satisfaction and improve instruction. This is achieved through a robust mentorship program.

Teachers are paired with job-alike mentors, instruction coaches, participate in content/grade level professional learning communities, and receive several hours of face time with a building administrator. This multi-facet sets of supports increases the strength of the process (Ingersoll, 2012). Seaman Schools incorporate the coaching cycle as an added component of support.

Instructional coaches and mentors will provide individualized support to our new teachers. Coaches will assist with focusing on student learning while mentors assist with the care of the teacher.