Bus Compass

We have an exciting addition to our transportation services that will allow parents to track their child’s bus activity through an app called Bus Compass.

As a parent/guardian, you will have the ability to locate your student’s bus in real time, set up alerts when the bus is a few stops away so you can be aware of any delays, and see when your student boards and exits the bus. Students will be issued a fob to swipe as they enter and exit the bus.
Bus Compass

Bus Compass 2

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bus Compass the Ridership/Mobile App

Is the Bus Compass app free?
There is no cost at all to this app.

Who can use the app?
Students, parents and guardians listed for the student can use the app.

Is the data communicated via the app secure?
All Bus Compass data is built with a “safety first” approach. As such, it is encrypted immediately and is sent via a secure connection. We value your security and make every effort to protect your important information.

Who has access to my child’s information?
Parents, guardians and students log in to the mobile application without a password using their phone number or email address. They receive a confirmation code via text message or email to authenticate their login. This dual authentication is more secure than a “password only” approach. This is only allowed using phone and email addresses already registered with the school’s database.

I can’t register for my student on Bus Compass. What is wrong?
If you are unable to log into the app, confirm that the school has you as a parent or guardian of the student.

What information are parents and students able to access with the mobile app?
Parents/guardians are able to see the school bus schedule for all their children. For any bus that is currently active, they see a brief description of its status (e.g. “Your bus is 3 stops away.”) The information you will receive depends on where you are along the bus route. Generally students will start getting notifications when the bus arrives three stops before their own. For students at the beginning of the route they will get a notification when the bus leaves the school or bus barn. They can see the bus position on a live map with a line indicating the route the bus should normally follow. The school can also send you notifications when the bus is running late, or if the route is being run by a different bus.

Why am I receiving notifications with a delay?
The Bus Compass system will send out notifications as soon as a bus stop event occurs, however occasionally delays in notifications and map updates can occur if the cellular coverage in your area is poor for either the Bus Compass app or the bus. In this case the Bus Compass app will be updated as soon as the system reconnects.

Can the notifications be turned off?
Yes. You can control the notifications within the setting screen on Bus Compass.

Will I be able to see the buses for multiple children that attend different schools and have separate routes?
Yes. All of the students that are associated with your phone number and email address
will be available on your Bus Compass app.

Will I have the ability to communicate directly with the Transportation Director through the app?
No. You will need to call the transportation department at 785-286-8440.