When the district becomes aware of an incident or situation that has the potential to compromise the safety of our schools, we will initiate a lockdown. During these incidents, our first priority is to secure our students and keep them safe. For safety reasons, parents are not allowed to pick their children up during a lockdown and students are not permitted to leave the building.

Our second priority is communicating with our families. We will use our messaging service, SchoolMessenger, during emergency situations. This service will notify affected families using text and email. It is important to be sure your contact information is current and updated so you can receive these updates, as our school personnel will not always be available to answer phone calls during these instances. If a lockdown occurs at the end of the day, students will still be kept inside and bus service may be temporarily interrupted.

In some cases, schools will initiate a brief “soft” lockdown when it is necessary for students to remain in classrooms while an incident is managed (ie medical emergency). During “soft” lockdowns, normal school activities continue, with the exception of hallway traffic and outdoor recess. These incidents will not be mass communicated to protect the privacy of students involved. If the incident affects your child, you will be contacted.

The safety of our students is our number one priority and we will keep parents notified of procedures, pick-up instructions (if necessary) and other information pertaining to all emergencies.