Looking for Substitute Teachers

Join our Team as a Substitute Teacher
Posted on 08/29/2023
We have several substitute teaching positions open, including long-term positions. If you know of any potential candidates, please have them contact the HR department at 785–575-8602 or email [email protected]. Below is more information on substitute pay.

Long-Term Substitute Teacher
Substitute Teachers are compensated at the long-term daily rate under the following condition: Beginning on the eleventh consecutive day of replacing the same absent teacher, the substitute will begin receiving the long term pay rate. Once a substitute teacher begins a long-term assignment, they will assume all of the responsibilities and duties of the regular teacher.

Substitute teachers, when in a long-term assignment will be allowed "plan time" as is possible, but may be required to cover another teacher's classroom during the absent teacher's plan time.

Long Term Rate: Full Day $240; Half Day $120

Regular Substitute Teachers
Substitute Teachers payroll period will end monthly on the last day of the month, with the possible exception of May. The first payroll period of each school year will begin on the first day of school through August 31. The final payroll period for the school year runs through the last day of school. We suggest that substitutes keep records of the dates worked and any details of the assignment hours along with the confirmation number given by Absence Management. Payday will be the 14th of each month, September through June unless the 14th is on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

Substitute teachers are paid by a half day or full day. Four or less hours is considered a half day. Any time over four hours, less than eight hours is considered a full day.

Regular Substitute Rate: Full Day $120; Half Day $65 (rates for regular subbing up through ten days, day 11 with the same assignment becomes long-term substitute status).