Kansans Can Success Tour

Kansans Can Success Tour
Posted on 08/24/2021
Kansans Can Success Tour
Educators, parents, legislators, business leaders, school board leaders and community members, we need to hear from you!

Join KSDE for a community conversation about Kansas K-12 education. Learn about the current direction of our education system and the progress that’s been made since the Kansas State Board of Education announced its new vision in 2015. Are we still headed in the right direction?

The Kansans Can Success Tour is a follow-up to the Kansas Children Kansas’ Future community conversations tour that took place beginning in late winter and early spring of 2015. The purpose of the Kansas Children Kansas’ Future tour was to bring together parents, educators, local school board members, higher education representatives, legislators and members of the business community to discuss the future they wanted for Kansas children and the role they wanted Kansas education to play in supporting that envisioned future.

The vision for education in Kansas - Kansas leads the world in the success of each student - was created from what Kansans said during the Kansas Children. Kansas’ Future. tour. The Kansas State Board of Education’s outcomes for measuring progress toward achieving that vision were also derived from information gathered during the tour. Outcomes include social-emotional growth, kindergarten readiness, Individual Plan of Study, graduation, post secondary success and civic engagement.

Be a part of the conversation, and help shape Kansas education.

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For more information, including a logo, map and itinerary, visit https://www.ksde.org/Agency/Fiscal-and-Administrative-Services/Communications-and-Recognition-Programs/Vision-Kansans-Can/Success-Tour.