October 11, 2021

Board Digest

October 11, 2021


Following each board of education meeting, the Director of Communications recaps the board meeting in the Board Digest. To view the full agenda, click here. 

Board of Education Consent Agenda

The consent agenda contains items packaged into one agenda item. They are often routine and garner very little discussion. A full list of consent items can be found by visiting the BoardDocs website

Learning Without Limits

Congratulations to Tatiana Dowling (Head Coach - Volleyball) and Jayce Brack (Assistant - Football and Track & Field) for their selection as the 2020-2021 Seaman High School Coaches-of-the-Year! This honor, as selected by their peers, will be recognized on the COY plaques in the hallway outside the Athletic Office.

Congratulations to Tatiana & Jayce and all the worthy candidates that received votes among their peers!

Long-time and current Seaman High School assistant baseball coach, Mark Simoneau, has been recognized by the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) as the 2021 Division I National Assistant Baseball Coach of the Year! Mark will be recognized at the ABCA National Convention in Chicago on January 7, 2022.

District Namesake Committee Final Report

District Namesake Committee 
The Namesake Advisory Committee was appointed to collect community perspective on the Seaman name and how the board should handle the knowledge of Fred A. Seaman’s involvement in the KKK. Together, the Advisory Committee consists of 9 district patrons, alumni, and a current student. Each member is proud of their connection to USD 345 and hopeful for the district’s future.

We have never approached our work as a decision-making process, but rather have worked to provide the Board with the best information to make a well-informed decision. We worked with the Kansas Leadership Center through several workshops and leadership training to create a process to guide this data collection. We sought out to gather community input through a survey, in-person and ultimately online interviews, and researched historical information in relation to Fred A. Seaman, USD 345, and the KKK.

The report that we have compiled summarizes our work in each of these areas. We make no attempt to recommend a final decision or outcome based on our findings, but rather we seek to inform the board and the community as a whole on what steps we believe need to be taken regardless of the board’s decision on this matter. We believe above all else our community needs to be celebrated and unified as we move forward.

This report, historical data, and petitions from the community will all be made available on the district website immediately. We are proud of our work and encourage the community to truly read the report and other documents with an open-mind and open hearts.

We thank the Board and District Administration for this opportunity to serve our community.

Click here to view the final report and supporting documents.

Discussion Items 

  • Fall Athletic Director Report (SHS, SMS)
  • Safe Return to School Plan Update
  • Teaching and Learning Report
  • Review 2022-23 Calendar Options (Option A, Option B)
  • Special Services Report
  • Budget Report

  • Action Items (approved)

    • Facility Use Policy
    • Report Card Updates

    Next 345 Board of Education Meeting

    The next regularly scheduled board meeting will take place on November 8. It is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm.

    Regular board meetings are scheduled on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm, with the exception of March, which will be held on the third Monday. Regular meetings may be adjourned to another time and place when necessary. Special meetings may also be scheduled on an as-needed basis. 

    Regular meetings typically take place at the Seaman Education Center. When meeting locations change, notice is sent out to the public and made available online. Board agendas go live on the Friday afternoon prior to the regular board meeting. 

    All regular meetings are streamed live and available on the district's YouTube channel. A recap of the meeting is also made available through the Board Digest

    Both in-person and digital public comment are accepted at regular board meetings. The public comment agenda item may be found in the meeting agenda

    Remaining regular meetings for the 2021-22 school year:

    November 8, 2021
    December 13, 2021
    January 10, 2022
    February 14, 2022
    March 21, 2022
    April 11, 2022
    May 9, 2022
    June 13, 2022

    Board of Education Agenda

    To review previous board of education agendas, click here.

    How Can I Watch a Previous Board of Education Meeting?

    The video from the meeting will be available by the Tuesday at noon following the meeting. The video can be viewed by clicking here.


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