1. Four fire drills
2. Two tornado drills
3. Three crisis drills

Fire drills: will be conducted as long as students and staff are in the building.

Tornado drills: The State Fire Marshal has given permission to one classroom at a time. I feel this can easily be accomplished in sections of the school at a time. However, this is left up to each building Principal.

Three crisis drills:
• September: each classroom teacher will take a few minutes to review Soft lockdown / lockdown procedure. We will not actually perform a lockdown.
• November table top with staff. Scenario: On a 35-degree day, you are notified that a nearby hazardous material spill has forced your school to evacuate for an extended period of time. What will you do!
• March Lockdown: we will actually perform a lockdown, if social distancing has been removed. If not, I will supply a short video or scenario.

Please know that in addition to the school-wide drills described above, individual classrooms discuss and practice these routines many more times throughout the year.

The safety of Seaman USD 345 students, staff, and guests is very important to us. In order to maintain a safe environment, it is necessary that we practice our Emergency Operation Plan by having drills designed to exercise our procedures. These emergency drills are done to ensure that our schools are a safe place to learn, work, and visit. If you have any questions, contact the school office.